Wireless Essentia 2

Wireless Essentia


Wireless EssentiaEdit

"After realising how poorly essentia tubes work, you decided to switch over to a new wireless method that is much more refined. By using a Coil Coupler on an Essentia Coil, you can link the coil to any other source of essentia, particularly jars and coils. Once linked, the coil will draw from the source until it has filled its internal buffer. Any coil can be linked to any amount of sources and any source can be linked to any amount of coils. In order to clear the links the coil has created, simply right click the coil with the coupler to clear all links. Each coil has an internal buffer of 8 to store essentia in. This buffer will automatically output the base of the coil into any object that can accept essentia through the same side. The coil can be filtered using the same technique as filter tubes."

Research Edit

  • Machina
  • Alienis
  • Auram
  • Permutatio


Wireless Essentia Recipe

Left: Essentia Coil; Right: Coil Coupler

Essentia Coil
  • Neutronized Metal
  • Enchanted Coil
  • Thaumium Ingot (x2)
  • Essentia Buffer

Coil Coupler

  • Enchanted Coil
  • Thaumium Ingot
  • Stick

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