The Wand Focus: Warding can be used to make blocks invincible.


To ward a block, right click on it with a wand or staff with this focus on it. This will make the block invincible until it is unwarded by right clicking it again with the wand. Take note that only the player who warded the block can unward it.

This focus can be upgraded at the Focal Manipulator.

Effects of Warded BlocksEdit

Warded blocks are completely indestructible and will produce particle effects similiar to runic shielding when the owner or another player tries to break it. Also, blocks that are affected by gravity(such as sand and gravel) will not fall when warded. Warded blocks cannot be affected by any outside influence such as redstone and pistons. If you attempt to ward glass, it will break the glass instead. There is a block known as warded glass available within the warded arcana research. The only way to break the warded glass is via the owner right clicking with a wand in hand. Warding a block costs 0.1 aqua Vis , 0.25 ordo and 0.25 terra.

Special Note: Warded blocks emit light.


Infusion Altar:

Middle Item: Nether Star

2x Terra shard.

2x Ordo shard.

2x Nether Quartz.

2x Quicksilver.


25x Tutamen.

25x Terra.

25x Ordo.

10x Cognitio.

Research: Edit

For Minecraft 1.7.10.
Wand Focus - Warding 4.2.3

Wand Focus - Warding

Video Edit

Video Clip Demo
Thaumcraft 403:17

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial -Wand Focus Warding-

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