The Wand Focus: Nine Hells can be used to summon hellbats that will home in onto its target from a good distance away.


The focus must first be fitted to a wand or a staff to be used. When cast, it will summon a Hellbat that travels towards the mob/player you have your crosshair on and attack. Summoned Hellbats will attack several times after which they will either die or explode. The focus cannot be cast if you do not have your crosshair on a mob/player, but it can be used multiple times in a row to send more Hellbats after your target. It has an interval of 1 second, regardless of failure or success, after right-clicking before it could be used again. A failure in casting it doesn't consume any Vis at all.

It can be upgraded at the Focal Manipulator.

Damaging a Hellbat will make it target you instead.

Important: Using this wand focus while out in the rain or while having the Deadly Gaze warp effect is not recommended.

Research and CraftingEdit

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It is researched directly from the Thaumonomicon or assembled from knowledge fragments found in the Minecraft world.

Base vis cost per cast:

Aer x 1

Ignis x 2

Perditio x 1

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Your trips onto the Nether have taught you to fear the tiny terrors known as Hellbats. Now you have discovered a way to summon the little terrors and send them after your enemies. Excellent.