This is researched alongside the node transducer. Vis relays drain vis from energized nodes and can draw it from up to 8 blocks away. It can also send the vis to any number of other vis relays within 8 blocks. They can only have 1 source of vis but can send vis to any number of other places. You can "tune" the relay, stopping it from connecting to any other relays except for the ones tuned to the same aspect or untuned ones. to tune one, right click it with a primal shard or use a wand on it. Tuning it does not consume the shard. Vis relays can only link to another relay  within 8 blocks that it has line of sight to.

Crafting: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Place a balanced shard in the middle of the table and on all vertical and horizontal sides, place iron ingots. You will get 2 relays per recipe.

Vis Required:

  • 8x Ordo
  • 8x Ignis