This block appears as a vis relay supported by four black poles. It can only be placed on an arcane workbench. It acts as a normal vis relay but also recharges a wand or scepter placed in its workbench.

Naturally, the recharge rate is limited by the aspects and strength of the relay or energized node powering it. Regardless of the power source, each charge relay can only accept 5 CV per aspect (that is, 1 point of each aspect per second).

Crafting: Edit

On either side of the middle row, place Greatwood rods. On either side of the bottom row, place iron ingots. On the top middle slot, place a vis relay.


16x Ordo.

16x Ignis.

16x Aer.


Vis Charging Relay
An annoyance for any thaumaturge that performs regular arcane crafting is to constantly keep his wand charged. Now that you have found a way to draw vis directly from nodes you are able to craft a Vis Charging Relay. This functions like a normal relay, but is designed to be placed on top of an arcane crafting table. It will draw vis from the relay and recharge wands in the table. The only drawback is that it recharges much slower than it would from a wand recharging pedastal or doing it by hand