Treasure Bags are a Thaumcraft loot pack, containing a random assortment of items. They come in three tiers: "Common Treasure" (yellow), "Uncommon Treasure" (green), and "Rare Treasure" (red). The bags can be distilled unopened for 8, 16, or 32 points of Lucrum according to tier. (Naturally, they can also be traded to Pech.) They are opened by wielding and "using" (normally right-click) them. There is no way to predict or influence the items released, but higher tiers tend to produce more valuable items.

Sources Edit

Treasure bags can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • Most immediately, every champion mob drops a treasure bag in addition to their usual drops. It is not clear if the type of champion affects the tier of bag dropped.
  • They can also be found in loot chests, especially Thaumcraft-special loot chests such as those beneath spider greatwoods.
  • Pech will occasionally give them in trade. Occasionally they will "trade up" bags, giving a Rare bag in exchange for an Uncommon one, or Uncommon in exchange for Common.
  • When a player reaches the Outer Lands, they will find that most of the treasure there will come in the form of these bags, generally claimed by breaking urns or suchlike.

Contents Edit

The bags contain an assortment of items and materials, with higher-tier bags generally having more numerous and valuable items:

  • Gold coins -- all treasure bags will have at least some gold coins. These can be smelted into gold nuggets, or distilled for 1 Lucrum each.
  • Potions are usual -- any sort of potion may appear, including water bottles and splash potions.
  • Gold or iron ingots, diamonds, or emeralds are common.
  • Ender Pearls can appear.
  • Armor, tools and weapons -- These can be of any material including thaumium, but voidmetal does not seem to appear. They may be mundane or enchanted. Often they are damaged.
  • Magical books are occasional finds.
  • Magical trinkets often appear, as do the mundane bases for runic baubles.
  • Nether Stars can very rarely drop from Rare bags
  • Formerly, a primordial pearl could appear in Uncommon bags, but this bug was quickly fixed. They can, however, drop from Rare bags, but they are very rare

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