Thaumium fortress armour has the same protection per-piece as diamond armour with the added bonus of every thaumium fortress armour piece boosting the protection of all of the other pieces. Also, the armour provides extra magic and fire protection. Like most thaumium items, they can be enchanted easily. They can also have different masks attached to provide different effects.

Research: Edit

This research becomes available after Infusion Enchanting is completed and a regular thaumium set has been scanned with the Thaumometer .


Crafting: Edit

All these items are created at the Infusion Altar.

Thaumium Fortress Helm: Edit

Target: Thaumium Helmet

  • Emerald
  • 2 Thaumium ingots
  • 2 Gold ingots


  • 24 Metallum
  • 16 Tutamen
  • 16 Praecantatio

Thaumium Fortress Chestplate: Edit

Target: Thaumium Chestplate

  • Leather
  • Gold ingot
  • 4 Thaumium ingots.


  • 24 Metallum
  • 24 Tutamen
  • 16 Praecantatio

Thaumium Fortress Thigh Guards: Edit

Target: Thaumium Leggings

  • 1 Gold ingot
  • 1 Leather
  • 3 Thaumium ingots


  • 24 Metallum
  • 20 Tutamen
  • 16 Praecantatio