Thaumic Villagers include Wizard Villagers and Bank Villagers.

Bank villagers have the appearance of a white robe, a purple hat with a gold trim and a large coin imprinted on their chest. They will trade gold coins (found from treasure bags, crimson cult members and The Outer Lands) for items.

Thaumic Villagers wear a large purple gold rimmed cloak with a rune on their chest. They wear a purple hat with a gold rim. They will trade anything for Thaumic items.

Banker Villager Edit

Banker villagers will accept coins in exchange for the following items:

-Bottles o' Enchanting










Thaumaturge Villager Edit

Thaumaturge villagers will accept emeralds in exchange for the following:

-Vis Stones

-Purifying Bath Salts

-Mana Beans

-Knowledge Fragments

-Rings of Protection



-Vis Shards

They will also accept the following in exchange for emeralds:




-Beef, Chicken, and Pork Nuggets (obtained as a byproduct of the Infernal Furnace)

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