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In Thaumcraft, taint is an evil force which corrupts the land. Taint itself is a purple substance. The land can be corrupted by a tainted node or with sufficient amount of Taint being released into the environment. Leftover aspects from the crucible and instability from Infusion crafting will produce Taint. 


All creatures from vanilla Minecraft (with the exception of horses) can become tainted by entering a tainted area. They gain the effect Flux Taint until they die. When the creatures die, they will be revived as a tainted creature which is hostile and will attack the player, also the tainted creatures have lots of more health and deal more damage to the player or untainted animal, it is advice to avoid a tainted area and if it is moving towards you or your shelter you should avoid it or move. 


The Tainted land is easily identified, the grass will be purple and the entire land will have purple hue to it. 

Tainted creatures are aggressive and are stronger than their normal counterpart. In addition, Tainted spider eggs and Tainted Tendrils can be found in the land. The Tainted Tentacles are able to attack you. Tainted spore spawners can also be found which will spawn Tainted Swarms, swirls of purple balls which will attack you.

Tainted spore spawners look like bright purple blocks which are reminiscent of crusted taint and although looking like a block and being unable to turn around or move just like a block, they take damage like normal mobs and have 35 hearts of health.

Taint crawlers come out of broken taint spores and have 2.5 hearts of health while looking like purple miniature spiders, being even smaller than cave spiders. They deal 1 heart of damage.

Taint spores look like crusted taint blocks with darker space between the tentacles on it. They can only be placed on tainted areas and will burst when hit or placed on non-taint ground, releasing a random number of taint crawlers.

Thaumic Slimes are slimes that appear from evaporating tainted goo. They spread taint wherever they land and act like normal slimes, with stages of seperation and getting smaller. Curiously however, all sizes of slime do 2 hearts of damage and have 13 hearts of health, making all sizes just as dangerous.

Taint swarms seem to have over 10 hearts of health and up to 20 hearts but testing is inconclusive as 4 hits of a diamond sword will kill them but 3 hits with a diamond sword and 13 punches deals overall more damage than 4 hits of a diamond sword but still only manage to kill it on the last punch. Careful consideration of critical hits and possibly unnoticed buffs were in place at the time.

Contamination stagesEdit

There are 4 stages to the contamination of the land. 

  • Stage 1: Vines will appear on trees and grass.
  • Stage 2: The vines will become purple in colour.
  • Stage 3: Blocks that had vines on them will begin to transform into tainted blocks.
  • Stage 4: The rest of the land around the vines will become tainted and slowly spread.

Purifying the areaEdit


It is possible to purify the Tainted land by use of Ethereal Blooms. Pure nodes will also remove the taint around it. It is wise to find and destroy any Taint Nodes that may be lurking in the tainted area.

Though it is very rare, there Ethereal Blooms, Silverwood Saplings, and Silverwood Trees spawn randomly within Taint areas. This is rare, and usually only occurs if the taint nodes are severely strong. It's the game's method of containing its own Taint. The Pure nodes counterbalance the taint nodes, ensuring the spread of the taint is at a slower rate.

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