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The Seroconverter is a block provided by Thaumic Horizons. It allows the player to infuse essentia into their own blood, to provide various buffs or for use as a weapon, The process can use syringes of blood (which the player can use on themselves or other mobs), or "blast phials", which work like spash potions. The essentia must be piped into the seroconverter; there are pipe fittings around its base.

The GUI provides the chance to try a variety of different combinations of essentia to produce assorted effects. Complicating matters, the effects are displayed only as icons, and while the vanilla status effects are recognizable, there are many new effects. (You do get names for effects once you've created a syringe or phial.)

New Effects Edit

  • Vis Generation: Generates Vis Orbs around player or mob. Icon resembles Six Pointed Star with Primal colors.
  • Item Vacuum: Sucks items towards mob or player. Icon looks like eight black lines crossed through a black circle at center.
  • Static Shock: Damages nearby mobs with bolts of energy. Icon resembles yellow lightning bolt.
  • Flux Flu: Icon resembles a circle of purplish "sweat-drops"
  • Photosynthesis: Refills player Hunger Bar when in sunlight. Icon resembles Green Leaf.
  • Wither Poison: Purplish, grimacing, Steve-face

Recipes Edit

  • Saturation I:  1 Fames, 1 Lucrum
  • Item Vacuum: 1 Vacuous
  • Item Vacuum + Invisibility:  1 Cognito, 1 Lucrum, 1 Vacuos:
  • Tainted Doom:  4 Perditio + 4 Vitium (Poison and Wither... but also Taint poison, so non-undead get converted to a tainted form or Thaumic Slime)
  • Static Shock: 1 Potentia