Here is a sequence to quickly pick up all the aspects by scanning relatively few items up front. It is based on this FTB thread, but assumes you have not been to the Nether, and specifies blocks where possible to increase your discovery bonuses, but pieces or ingots will still discover the aspect. The first section should be done more-or-less in order (some items depend on earlier items).

  1. Research: (Aqua + Terra) --> Victus
  2. Torch --> Lux
  3. Coal Block --> Potentia
  4. Grass Block --> Herba
  5. Chest --> Vacuos, Arbor
  6. Trapdoor --> Motus
  7. Amber Block --> Vinculum, Vitreus
  8. Research: (Victus + Perditio) --> Mortuus
  9. Any Shard, Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandst. --> Praecantatio
  10. Chicken --> Volatus & Bestia
  11. Research: (Victus + Mortuus) Spiritus
  12. Book (or paper) --> Cognito
  13. Block of Flesh --> Humanus & Corpus
  14. Hay Bale, Wheat, Bread, Apple, Carrot, Potato --> Fames & Messis
  15. Flint --> Instrumentum
  16. Obsidian, Mushroom Block --> Tenebrae
  17. Gold Block OR Emerald Block and Iron Block. --> Lucrum, Metallum (if you didn't have amber, pick up Vitreus from glass)

And then you can scan the rest (no particular order necessary). Note that getting Lucrum and Metallum above allows scanning diamond and metal items for the next section, but some enchantments may complicate that.

  • Research: (Aer + Aqua) --> Tempestas
  • Any dye or one block tall vanilla Flower --> Sensus
  • Wool --> Fabrico & Pannus
  • Spider Eye --> Venenum, Sensus
  • Snow Block, Ice--> Gelum
  • Milk Bucket --> Sano
  • Best available Hoe --> Meto
  • Best available Pickaxe --> Perfodio
  • Best available Sword (or arrow) --> Telum
  • Best available Armor or Leather --> Tutamen
  • Quicksilver, Cinnabar Ore --> Permutatio, Venenum
  • Fence Gate --> Machina, Iter
  • Zombie, Skeleton --> Exanimis
  • Ender Pearl, Obsidian Totem --> Alienis, Iter
  • Slimeball --> Limus
  • Tainted Goo --> Vitium, Limus
  • Ethereal Essence (any Aspect) --> Auram

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