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The list of researches below may be outdated. Them list of researches also includes researches from other addons which are not from vanilla Thaumcraft 4. Edit

The thauminomicon entry should not be included as it is highly inaccurate and hard to understand unless pictures are provided. Edit

Research is the discovery of new recipes and other knowledge, and is required to accomplish much of worth with Thaumcraft 4. To perform research, you will need a Research Table, which is created by placing two tables next to each other and right clicking them with Scribing Tools.

Please note that you cannot record your findings without a Thaumonomicon: your theorems will be wasted without one.

Research is based on Aspects. These are found in most vanilla and Thaumcraft items, including complex machinery; however, certain items do not have aspects, as they were either accidentally ignored or the player cannot obtain them by normal means.

Once you get research notes, you drag adjacent aspects to the ones of the research notes with the goal of creating a bridge between existing aspects.

When you finish researching the Research Notes, it becomes a Discovery. To unlock the Research you just did, put it on your hotbar and right click with the Discovery item. This will consume the Discovery but unlocks information in the Thaumonomicon for you.

Please note that you can keep the Discovery if you use it in Creative mode, effectively allowing another player to use it to gain the research (just note if they aren't in Creative mode, they will use up the Discovery). However there are some ways of sharing research and discoveries. All acessable through unlocking and researching different discoveries in your Thaumonomicon (such as Tome of Knowledge Sharing or Duplicating research, you unlock this very early in the research tree).

Research Summary: Edit

To research, you need aspects. Aspects are knowledge points in the research table which you get from scanning things with a thaumometer. You start off with only these 6 primal aspects: Perditio, Ordo, Aqua, Aer, Terra and Ignis and you start off with 10 of each (most of the time). To make more complex research points like Motus, you need to left click on one aspect in the table and then on another. These aspects will appear in two seperate slots down the bottom of the GUI.

There is a button between those two aspects which you put down there and if you press it, it will combine them. If the combination does not have any results, it is because those two aspects combined together don't make anything. Your best option early game is to scan nodes you find in the world and collect as much of the Primal research points. Once you have a surplus of these go ahead and start adding combining different aspects to see what you can get. If it creates an aspect, then that is how you will make that aspect forever.

If you scan some very complex items with the thaumometer, chances are that it will say you don't have the knowledge required to examine it. This means that you currently do not know one or more of the aspects in it and you do not know an aspect required to make that one too. If you scan an object that has an aspect you do not know but you know its components, it will automatically give you that new aspect and the amount of research points you get from scanning that block for that one aspect will double. If it says "Nothing can be learned from this" Do not worry, It just means that there is no data in this object that holds aspect research(most of the time the reason will be because it is from a different mod.

You can only scan one block and after that, all blocks of that type will appear scanned. For example, if you examine a block of stone, all blocks of stone in the world will automatically become scanned (but they won't multiply the amount of aspect points you get).

Sometimes when you scan something, you will uncover a secret research you did not have the ability to research before. Researches unlocked in this method appear as amber icons.

To actually research, you need a scribing tools, a few sheets of paper and a thauminomicon in your inventory. Open your thauminomicon and click on a research which is flashing. If it is a hexagonal shaped research, it will consume an amount of aspects from your list of research points (which is listed when you hover over the research) and it will unlock automatically.

If the icon is a circle of a square, it's going to have to be manually researched. When a circle of square research is clicked, it will consume 1 paper from your inventory and give you the research notes for that research. Please note that researches that are not flashing and white will show you the information of that research and what you unlocked while black researches are ones which you cannot research yet and need to research other things to unlock.

When you get research notes, there should be a slot near the top of the research table GUI which you fit it into. After that, most of the right side of the GUI is filled with a large grid of hexagons which may vary in size and a few glowing aspects on it. To research the research, you must link those aspects which are already on there together by placing aspects next to them. To place aspects, drag them onto a hexagon.

You will know if the aspect is connected when there is a blue line between it and another aspect and if it is not connected, it will be greyed out. Aspects will only connect to each other if: The aspect they are connecting to is either what they are made of, or is made of them and it is connected to another connected aspect and another ETC until it is connected to one of the original aspects on the sheet.

One of your best options is to find something that connects the 2 aspects and just alternate the 2 of them until they connect. Wasting research points is only negative toward your goal, however early game you get a discovery that helps you master research, causing you to only lose the research point by chance.

Also, if you end up running low on things to scan, aspects that are not in a lot of items or blocks, you can scan nodes and use the primals to work your way up to creating more of that particular aspect. If you want Lux, but you cannot find anything else besides torches, you can simply combine the 2 primal aspects that make up that aspect. This can be so in any case such as Aqua and Terra, creating Victus, the Life aspect which is not found in many items. If you cannot figure out some of the aspects and require a little extra help here is a resource that explains in detail what things are found in each aspect.

Notes Edit

Similar aspects will not connect to each other.

If you accidentally place an aspect in the wrong place or place the wrong aspect, you can right click it to remove it from the sheet.

If in the beginning, there is a question mark in one of the hexagons, that is one of the starting aspects but you do not know what it is and you need to unlock it by combining aspects or scanning objects with it inside it. Earliest time you will likely see this is during one of the Research expertise discoveries. It

Placing an aspect consumes one research point of that kind. Placing aspects also consumes ink from scribing tools that MUST be placed within the research table's GUI.

Once all starting aspects are connected in some way, the research notes will turn into a discovery which will appear in the slot in which you placed the original notes. Take the finished research out and right click it with your hand. This will consume the item but also unlock it in your thauminomicon. In creative, it is not consumed.

In total, there are 48 possible compound and primal aspects you can unlock. 42 aspects are not present when you first start.

The primal aspects you start off with can be more than ten or less than ten depending on the nature of the biome. For example, a mountainous biome will give you extra aer and terra when you start but will probably give you less aqua or something.

All research tables share aspects so you can combine them and use them globally but research notes must be moved between tables to research at multiple points.

When aspects are created or discovered, small text will appear in the bottom right corner that will say so.

Some researches have a pulsing black aura and will give you warp. When you mouse over them they will tell you how much warp they will give you.

To scan using a thaumometer, hold down the right mouse button while holding it and looking at the block you want to scan. Purple runes will appear in front of the block and after about 2 seconds it will either have scanned it or not. If the block contains aspects you cannot create right now with the aspects you already have or you don't know it, it will say in the bottom right hand corner: You do not have the required aspects to scan this.

If there are no aspects assigned to the block, it will say: There is nothing to learn from this.

You can also scan items and mobs.

Important Items:Edit

Thaumometer: This handy device scans things. Thaumometers cannot stack.



Place a glass block in the middle of the grid with any kind of shard on either vertical side and gold ingots to the horizontal sides.

Scribing Tools: Used to start new research as well as in researching. Has durability that is used in process.


Scribing Tools:

Place a feather in the middle of the grid with a glass phial or glass bottle to the left and an ink sac to the right. It can also be in any other combination as it is a shapeless recipe. If a scribing tools runs out of ink, put it next to an ink sac in the crafting table to refill it.

Research Table: Right click it to open its GUI.


Multiblock Structure.

To make this, place 2 tables next to each other and right click it with scribing tools.

Table: These can be used to place things on them. They look really cool too!


Arcane Crafting Table:

To craft it, place 3 wooden slabs horizontally on a crafting table and then place wooden planks beneath the ones of the left and right. Then place the table you get down and right click it with a wand.
File:Research process.jpg

List of Research Edit

Some researches here are from addons.

Warning Spoilers

Research Name Prerequisite Research Research Aspects Mod
Basic information
Advanced Node Tapping Aura and Nodes Auram, Motus, Permutatio, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Aspects of Magic None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Aura and Nodes None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Computercraft Peripherals None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumic Tinkerer
Deconstruction Table Research Expertise Cognito, Fabrico, Perditio Thaumcraft
Enchantments None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Knowledge Fragments None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Master Node Tapping Advanced Node Tapping Auram, Motus, Permutatio, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Node in a Jar Node Preserver Auram, Lucrum, Motus, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Node Preserver Advanced Node Tapping Auram, Lucrum, Sensus Thaumcraft
Ores None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Plants and Trees None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Research None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Research Expertise Research Cognito, Sensus Thaumcraft
Research Mastery Research Expertise Cognito, Motus, Sensus Thaumcraft
Thaumonomicon None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
The Pech None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Basic Wandcraft None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Blaze Rod Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Ignis, Instrumentum, Potentia, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Bone Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Exanimis, Instrumentum, Perditio, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Compound Recharge Focus Wand Recharge Pedestal Auram, Instrumentum, Permutatio, Potentia, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Copper Wand Caps Basic Wandcraft Instrumentum, Metallum, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Focus Pouch Wand Foci Praecantatio, Vacuos, Instrumentum Thaumcraft
Gold Wand Caps Basic Wandcraft Instrumentum, Lucrum, Metallum Thaumcraft
Greatwood Wand Core Basic Wandcraft Arbor, Instrumentum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Icy Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Aqua, Gelum, Instrumentum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Obsidian Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Instrumentum, Praecantatio, Saxum, Terra Thaumcraft
Quartz Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Instrumentum, Ordo, Praecantatio, Vitreus Thaumcraft
Reed Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core Aer, Herba, Instrumentum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Silver Wand Caps Basic Wandcraft, Infusion Instrumentum, Lucrum, Metallum Thaumcraft
Silverwood Wand Core

Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion

Arbor, Instrumentum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Thaumium Wand Caps Basic Wandcraft, Thaumium, Infusion Instrumentum, Metallum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Wand Foci Basic Wandcraft Ignis, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Dislocation Wand Focus: Equal Trade Alienis, Permutatio, Praecantatio Thaumic Tinkerer
Wand Focus: Equal Trade Wand Foci Permutatio, Praecantatio, Terra Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Excavation Wand Foci Perditio, Praecantatio, Terra Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Frost Wand Foci Aqua, Praecantatio, Gelum Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Nine Hells Wand Focus: Wand of Equal Trade Bestia, Ignis, Iter, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Pech's Curse Acquired through trade with Pech mages N/A Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Portable Hole Wand Focus: Wand of Equal Trade Aer, Alienis, Iter, Perditio Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Shock Wand Foci Aer, Potentia, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Wand Focus: Telekineses Wand Focus: Dislocation Alienis, Motus, Praecantatio Thaumic Tinkerer
Wand Focus: Uprising

Wand Focus: Shock

Sword of the Zephyr

Aer, Motus, Praecantatio Thaumic Tinkerer
Wand Research Pedestal Infusion Auram, Permutatio, Potentia, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Alchemical Centrifuge Essentia Tubes Fabrico, Perditio, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Alumentum Crucible Potentia, Ignis Thaumcraft
Copper Transmutation Iron Transmutation Metallum, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Crucible None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Essentia Distillation



Aqua, Limus, Praecantatio


Essentia Tubes Essentia Distillation Aqua, Praecantatio, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Ethereal Bloom Crucible Herba, Praecantatio, Sano, Vitium Thaumcraft
Filtered Essentia Tubes Essentia Tubes Aqua, Ordo, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Gaseous Illuminae Nitor Aer, Lux Thaumic Tinkerer
Gaseous Tenebrae Alumentum Aer, Motus, Tenebrae Thaumic Tinkerer
Glass Phial None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Gold Transmutation Iron Transmutation Metallum, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Gunpowder Alumentum Ignis, Perditio Thaumcraft
Iron Transmutation Thaumium Metallum, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Lead Transmutation Iron Transmutation Metallum, Ordo, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Magic Tallow Crucible Corpus, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Nitor Crucible Ignis, Lux Thaumcraft
Silver Transmutation Iron Transmutation Lucrum, Metallum, Permutatio Thaumcraft
Thaumium Crucible Metallum, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Tin Transmutation Iron Transmutation Metallum, Permutatio, Vitreus


Void Jar Essentia Distillation Vacuos, Perditio, Aqua
Arcane Bellows Infernal Furnace Aer, Machina, Motus Thaumcraft
Arcane Bore


Wand Focus: Excavation

Instrumentum, Machina, Motus, Perfodio Thaumcraft
Arcane Ear Goggles of Revealing Aer, Potentia, Sensus Thaumcraft
Arcane Lamp



Lux, Sensus, Tenebrae Thaumcraft
Arcane Levitator Nitor Aer, Motus, Volatus Thaumcraft
Arcane Stone None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Arcane Worktable None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Axe of the Stream



Aqua, Instrumentum, Motus Thaumcraft
Boots of the Traveler

Enchanted Fabric


Aqua, Iter, Terra, Volatus


Brain in a Jar Infusion Cognitio, Exanimis Thaumcraft
Enchanted Fabric None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Goggles of Revealing Thaumometer Auram, Sensus Thaumcraft
Hoe of Growth



Instrumentum, Messis, Victus Thaumcraft
Infernal Furnace N/A Auram, Fabrico, Ignis, Metallum Thaumcraft
Infusion Essentia Distillation Fabrico, Machina, Praecantatio Thaumcraft
Item Grate None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Magical Hand Mirror Mirror Magic Alienis, Iter, Instrumentum, Vitreus Thaumcraft
Mirror Magic Infusion Alienis, Iter, Tenebrae, Vitreus Thaumcraft
Paving Stone of Travel Arcane Stone Iter, Terra, Volatus Thaumcraft
Paving Stone of Warding Arcane Stone Bestia, Motus, Vinculum Thaumcraft
Pickaxe of the Core



Ignis, Instrumentum, Sensus Thaumcraft
Research Table None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Salis Mundus None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Shovel of the Earthmover



Fabrico, Instrumentum, Terra Thaumcraft
Smokey Quartz None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumic Tinkerer
Sword of the Zephyr



Aer, Potentia, Telum Thaumcraft
Talisman of Remedium Enchanted Fabric Ordo, Sano, Venenum

Thaumic Tinkerer

Talisman of Withhold Brain in a Jar Humanus, Lucrum, Praecantatio Thaumic Tinkerer
Thaumometer None / Starts off unlocked N/A Thaumcraft
Thaumostatic Harness

Boots of the Traveller


Aer, Iter, Machina, Volatus Thaumcraft
Transvector Interface None Ordo, Perditio Thaumic Tinkerer
Clay Golems Wood Golems Motus, Permutatio, Spiritus, Terra Thaumcraft
Flesh Golems Clay Golems Corpus, Spiritus (Motus, Permutatio?) Thaumcraft
Hungry Chest None Fames, Vacuos Thaumcraft
Golemancer's Bell Hungry Chest, Straw Golem N/A Thaumcraft
Golem Upgrade: Entropy Straw Golems Cognito, Perditio


Golem Upgrade: Air Straw Golems Aer, Motus Thaumcraft
Golem Upgrade: Earth Straw Golems Terra, Victus Thaumcraft
Golem Upgrade: Fire Straw Golems Ignis, Potentia Thaumcraft
Golem Upgrade: Water Straw Golems Aqua, Sensus Thaumcraft
Golem Upgrade: Order Straw Golems Cognito, Ordo Thaumcraft
Straw Golems Hungry Chest Messis, Motus, Permutatio, Spiritus Thaumcraft
Traveling Trunk Hungry Chest, Wooden Golems Arbor, Spiritus, Vacuos Thaumcraft
Wood Golems Straw Golems Arbor, Motus, Permutatio, Spiritus Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Decanting Golem Core: Gather Permutatio, Aqua, Iter Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Empty Golem Core: Gather Permutatio, Vacuos, Lucrum Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Fill Golem Core: Gather Permutatio, Vacuos, Fames Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Harvest Golem Core: Gather Meto, Iter, Messis Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Guard Golem Core: Gather Sensus, Telum, Vinculum Thaumcraft
Golem Core: Use Golem Core: Empty Permutatio, Machina, Instrumentum Thaumcraft
Advanced Golems All Elemental Golem Upgrades Victus, Sensus, Cognito Thaumcraft

(To be completed later)

Video Edit

Thaumcraft 4 Tutorial: Thaumometer and Research (Basics)

Thaumcraft 4 Tutorial- Thaumometer and Research (Basics)07:04

Thaumcraft 4 Tutorial- Thaumometer and Research (Basics)

This video was made buy Zautos.

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