Purifying bath salts are used to form purifying liquid to relieve warp related events.To use it, you must first throw it into water and wait for a while, or insert it into the correct GUI slot into the arcane spa.

After staying in water for a short duration of time or being pumped out with water from the arcane spa, it will form a block known as purifying liquid, Purifying liquid looks like silver lava and does not do damage, but instead disappears once the player touches the source block and gives them up to 20 minutes or over of "warp ward" which stops warp from affecting them for the duration. While they have the effect, they cannot absorb any more purifying liquid and are able to swim around without it disappearing.

Crafting Edit

Put salis mundus into a crucible containing 6x Ordo Essentia, 6x Cognitio, 6x Auram and 6x Sano. This will craft one bath of purifying bath salts.

Research Edit


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