Primordial Pearl
Primordial Pearl
Some attributes
First Unstackable
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
The Primordial Pearl is obtained by killing the boss (Crimson Portal, Giant Taintacle, etc.) in the Outer Lands or, rarely, from Rare Treasure bags. This artifact allows a thaumaturge to modify nodes, consuming the pearl, or in crafting to create the Primal Crusher or an Advanced Alchemical Furnace. You add the Primordial Pearl Research by scanning the Pearl with an Thaumometer.

For the first time you find yourself with a puzzle that you do not think can be solved. This object contains pure primal aspects, but they possess properties unlike what you consider normal, everyday primal aspects. You have a few theories why this could be: Firstly this "pearl" could be the remnants of primal matter that was created at the dawn of reality - elementary magic that existed before it mingled and merged into compound aspects. Alternatively it could be primal matter from a place that does not conform to the known rules of magic as you have come to understand it. You are not sure which explanation is more worrying. Either way, the pearl is a potent artifact containing vast magical power and nearly unlimited potential. It is time you start putting it to use.