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The primal crusher is a very potent and powerful tool. It mines anything a pickaxe and shovel can in a 3x3 area, repairs itself very quickly, deals 7.5 hearts of damage, has a very high durability, can be enchanted very well and also sometimes mines native cluster instead of normal ore. Native clusters give you two ingots of that ore when mined. It seems to take on the shape of a mace of sorts.

It has the Warping II effect.

Crafting: Edit

Infusion Altar:

Middle Item: Primordial Pearl.

Outside Items:

1x Voidmetal Shovel.

1x Voidmetal Pickaxe.

1x Shovel of the Earthmover

1x Pickaxe of the Core

2x Primal Charm


16x Alienis

24x Instrumentum

16x Lucrum

16x Perditio

16x Telum

16x Perfodio

16x Vacuous

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