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Each arrow is infused with elemental properties, giving them special abilities. Arrows can be crafted for each of the six Primal Aspects.

Crafting Edit

To craft them, make a square of arrows in the crafting table and put the chosen respective elemental shard in the middle, for 9 arrows.

Effects: Edit

  • Air Arrow: These arrows do normal damage but bypass all armour.
  • Fire Arrow: These arrows do fire damage instead of normal damage, and set the victim on fire.
  • Water Arrow: These arrows do normal damage but slow their targets.
  • Earth Arrow: This arrow does much more damage than normal.
  • Order Arrow: This does slightly less damage than normal but bypasses all armour and weakens the enemy.
  • Entropy Arrow: This arrow does slightly less damage than normal but gives the enemy the wither effect.

Drawbacks Edit

Fired primal arrows cannot be picked up from the ground, and the Infinity enchantment only has a one in three chance of not consuming the arrow.

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