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Aura Node with 2 aspects

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A Hungry, Bright Node

Nodes are concentrated mystical energy surrounded by Aura. They are found randomly throughout the world.

"Each aura node has a base amount of magical energy it can contain and this energy is aligned to one or more aspects. It is usually aligned to Primal Aspects, but rarely to Compound Aspects.

The aspects within an aura node can be tapped by a thaumaturge for his own purposes. The simplest way to do so is with the use of a wand."

If all of a particular aspect is drained from the node, the aspect can disappear from the node, but it is not guaranteed. If some of the aspect is left in a node it can recharge so that you can go back to the node. If there are no longer any aspects within a node, the node will disappear on occasion or even change its type and/or descriptor. Large nodes will malevolently drain vis from other nodes which are smaller, adding vis to it which does not recharge. This effect can be negated with node stabilizers.

Node TypesEdit

Beyond the comprising aspects, there are several types of nodes:

  • Descriptors, these modify the node:
    • Bright nodes regenerate their aspects at a faster rate than normal.
    • Pale nodes regenerate their aspects at a slower rate than normal.
    • Fading nodes do not regenerate their aspects.
  • Base node types:
    • Normal nodes have no special properties.
    • Hungry nodes draw in items, entities and blocks. Aspects of the objects "eaten" will enter the node. Being sucked into a hungry node will quickly kill the player.
    • Sinister nodes make the biome around them eerie. These can spawn within an Obsidian Totem.
    • Pure nodes can be found within silverwood trees, wild and grown, as well as randomly spawned.
    • Tainted nodes spread taint, changing the surrounding biome into tainted land. Nodes in tainted lands also become tainted, spreading the taint, if the tainted node is destoryed the taint will slowly go away
    • Unstable nodes randomly change their aspects. They may also drop orbs of one of their aspects.
  • Modified Types
    • Energetic nodes do not produce any vis like normal, but produce 100ths of a single vis point per tick of every kind. They cannot be drained by normal means and the vis can only be harvested by vis relays. To turn nodes into energetic nodes, use a node transducer.

Ethereal EssenceEdit

Nodes, when destroyed, drop ethereal essence. The total amount dropped seems to be floor[(amount of aspect)/10]+1 (assuming there is more than ten of the aspect in the node).

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