The node stabilizer must be placed under a node to take effect. It will stop the node from draining vis from other nodes and stops other nodes from draining from it while also preventing unstable nodes from losing their vis, has a tiny chance to eventually remove the unstable debuff completely and has an unrealistically small chance of turning fading nodes into pale nodes.

The downside to the node stabilizer is that it makes the node it affects recharge vis at half its normal rate. Applying a redstone signal to the stabilizer will turn it off until the redstone signal is switched off.

Crafting: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Node Stabilizer

Place a piston in the middle and place a block of quartz on either side. Place nitor beneath and a gold ingot above. In the bottom two corners, place arcane stone bricks. Make sure it is not arcane stone!


32x Aqua.


32x Terra.

32x Ordo.

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