Mind spiders are small purple, transparent spiders which spawn in huge swarms when enough warp is acquired by the player. They use the same texture as Tainted Crawlers. They mainly serve the purpose of being annoying around the player. These elusive creatures, though being shown as illusions, are real Minecraft mobs and respect all normal rules.

Normally, these spiders are harmless and extremely weak. The deal no damage to the player and have only a single point of health. They are however aggressive, and will attempt to pursue the player albeit to no avail. Mind Spiders share the common abilities with other spider mobs, such as being able to climb walls and detect the player through solid blocks. Interestingly, this means that they can spawn a rare Mind Spider Jockey, resulting in an harmless spider ridden by an harmful skeleton.

Due to their poor vitality, Mind Spiders often die due to fall damage when chasing players or other hazardous obstacles. Mind Spiders do not drop items, however they do provide experience orbs and aspect orbs, which the latter can restore vis containing items the player might hold. Therefor this warped creature is not entirely useless.

When scanned, it is shown that Mind Spiders posses two Ignis and two Vitium. Due to the large size of their spawn pack, using liquid death and luring them into the blight will yield large amounts of crystallized Vitium essentia which is commonly seen as a rare to produce type of essentia.

Mind Spiders aren't entirely harmless though, as any Mind Spider that manages to roam into the Outerlands will gain enhanced attack damage.

You can also rarely find a Mind Spider spawner in the Outerlands surrounded by a bunch of cobweb.

They can be annoying to clear away, but a Sword of the Zephyr can help.

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