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Unlike the arcane lamp from which it is made, the lamp of growth does not cast much light unless it is provided with Herba essentia. If this is done any plants that grow where its light shines will grow much faster than normal. Essentia can be fed to the lamp by attaching the lamp to a nearby essentia piping system.

Crafting Edit

Lamp of growth craft

To create the lamp you must use an arcane infusion altar.


  • Arcane lamp (middle item)
  • 2x Bonemeal
  • 2x Gold Ingot
  • 2x Earth Shard


  • 16x Herba
  • 8x Lux
  • 16x Victus

Usage Edit

Lamp of Growth AoE

Lamp of Growth area-of-effect. North is up, note that the "center" corner is the lamp's SE corner.

The Lamp of Growth is a device for speeding crop growth in the vicinity, by supplying extra "growth ticks". Key points:

  • It requires Herba essentia, which must be provided by a pipe. When placing the lamp, you have to put the pipe first and then attach the lamp to it. The amount of essentia used depends on the number of eligible plants within range.
  • It affects all growable plants (crops, saplings, sugar cane, cactus, mana beans) in an octogonal area 12 blocks across as shown.
  • The effect can pass through solid blocks, and the effects of multiple lamps stack.

Research by AspectEdit

Lamp of Growth

Lamp of Growth reasearch

Lamp of growth

Lamp of Growth reasearch

  • Lux
  • Victus
  • Herba
  • Messis

History Edit

Formerly lamps of growth could draw essentia directly from a nearby jar, or from an essentia mirror. In recent versions, they need to have the essentia piped in.