Hungry Chest (Thaumonomicon)

"A chest that doesn't wait to be opened." -Azanor

The Hungry Chest is a storage container capable of storing as much as a vanilla chest but also being able to pick up items beside it and move it into its storage.

This is very well paired with an infernal furnace or automated crucible, as it picks up nearby loose items. 

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

"The Hungry chest is able to pick up items by itself, if they are dropped close enough to touch it."

Crafting Edit

Materials to craft (crafted in Arcane Workbench):

  • 7 planks (any wood)
  • 1 trapdoor


  • 5 Aer
  • 3 Ordo
  • 3 Perditio

Research by AspectEdit

  • Vacuos 3
  • Fames 3

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