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Haste is one of Thaumcraft's special enchantments. It can be applied either to any sort of boots, or to the Thaumostatic Harness. Note that if on boots, it will affect only ground speed, while if on the Harness it will affect only flying speed. Up to three levels of Haste can be placed on an eligible item.

It is better to obtain via an osmotic enchanter added by Thaumic Tinkerer by the base cost of ~19 aer and ~19 terra.

Enchantment effectsEdit

The haste enchantment, depite of its name doesn't affects mining speed.

The enchantment makes the general player's moving speed faster depending on the enchantment's level and the way the payer is moving.

The tests made on various situations of the enchantment, shows that it makes the player even faster when airborne. It means that when jumping you will go faster and further than usual granting a great advantaje when outruning mobs or traveling great large areas.

The fact that it makes the player faster airborne than in ground can be a serious problem when running near a cliff or the ledge of a ravine, beacuse it also makes a little harder to control your movement and the distance you want to move when jumping.

Special effectsEdit

As told before, it makes the player's moving speed faster, but jumping distance and speed even faster, also including some curious buffs like:

  • Faster horizontal swimming speed
  • Better horizontal falling movement
  • Ice jumping speed increases a lot

However, it doesn't affects creative flying speed at all, but if you walk/jump/fall normaly, all the effects can be tested in creative.

Speed stackingEdit

The haste effect can be stacked up with speed potions and other speed gaining metods like other mods armor, glitches or jumping.

Note that not every speed increasing item from every mod will stack to the haste effect, this can probably happend beacuse the items sets a fixed speed, or it doesn't depeds on player's movement or it activates a creative-like flying 


Written by a FTB player:


Written based on experience gained by lots of tests made (mostly) in modpack "Departed".