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Thaumonomicon ExcerptEdit

"Without vis nodes, thaumaturges would not even be able to perform the simplest of tasks, but the nodes themselves have several limitations that make their use impractical for extensive operations. Foremost amongst these limitations is the fact that they quite some time for them to once again gather energy from mystical source they are connected to.

You think you may have found a way around that limitation. In effect nodes are tiny gateways to a mysterious font of mystical energy around which the energy slowly accumulates in the form of Vis. The gateway is so small that only a tiny amount of energy leaks into our reality. By levering open this doorway you can cause vis to pour forth in a torrent.

This is even more dangerous than it sounds however and careful steps must be taken during the entire process.

Firstly the node needs to be stabilized during the entire process. Once that is done you need to craft and place a Node Transducer above the node. when you apply a redstone signal to the transducer the node will begin converting into an energized node and quickly lose its stored vis in the process.

The process takes some time, but when it is done the node will change into an energized node. Caution should be taken to keep both the stabilizer and transducer active from now on.

Energized nodes no longer store or recharge vis, nor can vis be drawn from them with a wand or other means. Instead they produce a steady supply of CV (centi-vis, or a hundredth of a vis) each tick. This energy can be tapped by playing vis relays near the energized node.Each relay acts as a conduit for CV and any number of relays can be placed within 8 blocks of an energized node. Relays also transfer energy to each other allowing you to create a network that transports vis to anything that needs it, like the Infernal Furnace . Relays use a branching system, so each relay can have only one source (either another relay, or an energized node), but may have multiple 'child relays that branch off it.

You can also 'tune' a relay to one of the primal aspects by using an appropriate vis shard on it. Clicking on it with a wand will also cycle through the possible attunements. This does not limit what vis can flow through that relay, but it does prevent it from connecting to any other relay except untuned ones or ones tuned to the same primal.

The amount of energy a node produces per tick is finite, so attaching too many devices to a single source might exceed the amount of CV it can produce.

It is possible to turn an energized node back into a normal node. Simply cut the redstone signal to the transducer and it slowly turn it back into a normal node. Caution should be taken however since the node will be completely drained of vis and thus runs the risk of being damaged."



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