The Golemancer's Bell is the main tool used to control a golem's targeting options. See the Golem Cores page for more discussion of how the features described here are actually used.

The Bell offers several functions:

  • If a golem is left-clicked with the bell, it will drop as an item. A shift-left click will similarly drop the golem, but will also seperates it from its core and upgrades. This normally destroys at least some of the items (especially accessories), but the core and any surviving upgrades will drop separately from the golem body.
  • Right-clicking a golem with the bell will show the golem's "home ring", on the block face where the golem was placed.
    • If the player switches to another tool and then switches back to the bell, the bell will still be attuned to the same golem.
    • If the golem has any marks, these will show as runed disks attached to various block faces, and connected to the golem by a floating chain of runes.
    • While in this mode (the golem's home ring is showing), the bell allows the wielder to edit the golem's marks:
      • Right clicking a block face will place a mark there.
      • If there is already a mark there, it can be removed, or (if the golem has an Order upgrade), cycled through the various colors.
      • Shift-right-clicking a location always removes the mark, and pressing "change wand focus" key (default: F) will clear all marks for that golem.
      • Note that for Order golems, there are 18 options in the cycle: 16 colors, the original "uncolored" mark, and no mark.
  • Note that trying to use a Golemancer's Bell on a village's (vanilla) iron golem will not work. In particular, trying to pick up the golem (left-click) will just hit it with the bell, doing 1 damage and angering the golem.

Crafting Edit

It is crafted in the Arcane Workbench from 4 nether quartz in a square, and a stick in the opposite lower corner. It requires 5 Ordo vis.

Crafting GUI.png


Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz

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