Player wearing goggles of revealing

A player wearing goggles of revealing

Goggles of Revealing Reseach

Possible research

The Goggles of Revealing are an essential tool for any Thaumaturge. Worn in the helmet slot, these goggles allow their wearer to see a number of magical phenomena:

  • Nodes are visible at a great distance, regardless of obstructions.
  • At closer range, the aspects and current strength (in each aspect) of a node is displayed.
  • The amount and aspect of essentia contained in jars, alembics, crucibles and similar containers are similarly displayed. This includes ripe mana pods.
  • The progress of an Infusion can be monitored, with the essentia "owed" visible above the runic matrix.

The goggles also grant a 5% discount to all vis costs. Note that they do not provide research points, nor identify things by name as the Thaumometer does.

Building on the basic principles of the Thaumometer, you have begun refining its ability to detect magic into something more... revealing.

This set of mystical lenses will make aura nodes much easier to find along with revealing all manner of hidden things.

They form an important tool in any Thaumaturgist's arsenal.


They are crafted at the Arcane Workbench, from 2 Thaumometers, 2 Gold Bars, and 4 Leather. The crafting requires vis of all primal aspects, 5 points apiece.

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