The Giant Taintacle is a larger variation of the Taintacle mob and is a boss in the Outer Lands. It is a champion so it can have a attribute (Grim, Venomous, Infested, etc.) It has 71 hearts (142 HP) and is the easiest out of the champion bosses. Since it is bigger it also has a longer range and can kill you easily if you have weak armor. The Attributes really buff this boss really well as it doesn't have any other special abilities other than be a Taintacle that is bigger.

It drops a Primordial Pearl upon death.

Notes Edit

Try to kill it from afar with ranged weapons as it can't hurt you if it is far away (Unless it is Infested)

This taintacle can kill a person in diamond armor easily.

The Giant Taintacle can have any attribute, try to see what attribute it is and find a way to avoid it.