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Furious Zombies are creatures spawned by sinister nodes, such as those located within obsidian totems, floating above obsidian altars, or in witch huts. They will spawn at night or during Thunderstorms. Furious zombies have 60 health (30 hearts). 

They deal high damage and have more than double the hit points in hard mode than Angry Zombies. They appear identical to Angry Zombies except as they take damage they increase in height and attack power. After taking damage, they slowly shrink back to normal size. They can get as tall as 3.5 blocks tall. They tend to suffocate under a three block high ceiling as they seem to have the pathing of regular zombies and so follow the player into areas too short for them.

They drop zombie brains when killed. They also, rarely, drop amber and thaumium ingots.

- (Sourced from FTB with minor changes.)

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