The fire bat is a mob that spawns naturally in the Nether.

Appearance And Behaviour Edit

Similiar to a bat, it has the abilities to fly around and produce firey particles. They do blend in well with the surroundings(as they are heavily tinted red). Once a player is in sight, it will fly straight towards the player. The fire bat will then bite its victim, randomly setting it on fire(can be negated with a Fire Resistance Potion). It has a small chance of exploding when it is attacking, creating a small crater and dealing massive damage. Fire bats will also absorb health from its victim to stay alive longer to deal more damage, it will not suck health when it is trying to set its victim on fire when the victim is resistant to fire.


Drops gunpowder. It is far better than killing ghasts for gunpowder as they tend to fly near ground instead of above lava pools.

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