Essencial Cristalitation

The Essentia crystallizer is a block which can crystallize liquid essentia into a crystallized item form. Each crystal of essentia can be distilled for 1 point of essentia in its aspect. The crystals have no use besides being distilled, but they can be stored in chests or other inventories. They will stack by aspect, (up to 64 per stack), and of course they can be counted out to distill any chosen amount of essentia.

Usage Edit

To make crystallized essentia, you must pipe liquid Essentia into the crystallizer's input port. The crystallizer will begin to spin, and will eject the crystals from the front end. If there is a chest or other inventory there, the crystal will be placed inside, otherwise (or if the output chest is full), the crystal will be dropped into the world.

Without power, the crystallizer works very slowly. Supplying the crystallizer with Terra centivis from an energized node will make it much faster.

Crafting: Edit

Arcane Worktable:

Place an alchemical construct in the middle of the grid with an essentia tube underneath and a dispenser on top. Place balanced shards on either side of the alchemical construct, place iron ingots on either side of the dispenser and wooden planks on either side of the essentia tube.


15x terra.

5x aqua,

5x ordo.

Video Edit

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial [Essentia Crystallization]

This video was made by Zautos.

Thaumcraft 401:48

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial -Essentia Crystallization-

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