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The Essentia Buffer is a miniature essentia storage unit, though it isn't meant for storing essentia. It is unlocked with the Centrifuge research.


  • It can hold up to 8 points of essentia, in any combination of aspects.
  • By default, it has only 1 suction, but Arcane Bellows can be attached to it, with each bellows adding 32 suction.
  • It has 6 connection points, one on each side. Each point can be used for a bellows, or for a pipe or other essentia connection.
  • If bellows are used, each pipe (etc) connection can be configured to give full suction, or to cut its suction either to 0, or to 1 by shift-clicking using a wand. If it isn't changing try clicking it from the top of the tube.

This provides interesting ways to route essentia. Like draining essentia from an unlabeled warded jar to another unlabeled one when bellows are attached.