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The Essentia Resonator is a tool for diagnosing essentia piping systems.


When clicked on any block which stores or uses essentia (notably, tubes), it will post a message to the screen. This message will give the amount and type of both any essentia contained in the block, and any suction produced by the block (for buffers, the suction is reported for the side that was clicked on). This is useful for learning how essentia piping works, and diagnosing problems with a system.

Crafting Edit

It is crafted from a stick, a nether quartz, and four iron ingots. It requires 5 vis each of Aer and Aqua. (This must be done on an Arcane Worktable.
GUI Arcane Worktable (Thaumcraft 4)
Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot
Nether Quartz
Iron Ingot



Essentia Resonator

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