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"Harvesting Essentia" -Azanor

Essentia Distillation is the process through which items are broken down into their component aspects and stored as liquid Essentia. The Alchemical Furnace uses fuel to melt down items into an essentia slurry, which is then slowly drawn into any Arcane Alembics on top of the funace, and seperated into pure aspects. It is one of the most important tools in Alchemy, allowing essentia to be stored for use in Infusion, in the Crucible, and other devices.

Research AspectsEdit

  • Aqua
  • Limus
  • Praecantatio

Crafting Edit

Materials to craft the Alchemical Furnace:


The vis filter requires 5 Ordo and 5 Aqua vis.

The Arcane Alembic needs 5 Aer and 5 Aqua vis. 

GUI Arcane Worktable (Thaumcraft 4)
Glass Pane
Wooden Slab
Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Glass Pane

Glass Pane
Glass Pane
Glass Pane


Warded Jar


Warded Jar: 1 Aqua

Usage Edit

The Alchemical Furnace requires fuel, and items to be processed, much like a regular furnace.

One to five Arcane Alembics are placed directly on top on the furnace, on top of one another. Each can store up to 32 of a single type of Essentia.

The furnace breaks down items into an essentia slurry, which is stored in the purple buffer on the left side of the GUI. This slurry is slowly seperated into different types of essentia and drawn into the different alembics. The Alchemical Furnace will not process another item if it would overfill this buffer.

The essentia in the alembics can then be draw out using Essentia Tubes, either into other devices or into Warded Jars. Care should be taken when routing the pipes to avoid suction issues, as each alembic is not always distilling the same aspect.

Attaching one to four Arcane Bellows to the sides of the Alchemical Furnace will increase the speed at which items are broken down. However, it will not increase the rate that the essentia slurry is distilled into the alembics.

Using Alumentum as a fuel source increases the speed that the essentia slurry is distilled, though it is still usually slower than the speed that items are broken down in the furnace.

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

"You see a future need where you will need ready access to multiple different kinds of aspects—not just primal aspects drawn from your wand. 

Using basic alchemical principles, you have devised a way to break down objects and convert them into essentia.

The first step in this process requires an Alchemical Furnace. The alchemical furnace works much like a normal furnace by burning coal to produce heat, but instead of smelting ore into metal, it breaks down objects into a slurry of raw, unprocessed essentia. 

The next step in the process is to take the essentia slurry and distill it using an Arcane Alembic. To work, arcane alembics need to be placed on top of an alchemy furnace. The essentia slurry will slowly be drawn into the alembic and the individual aspected essentia separated out.

If the alchemical furnace is being powered by alumentum, this distillation process is much faster.

You can stack up to 5 different alembics on top of a single furnace. 

The essentia can then be extracted out of an alembic using phials.

As an alternative essentia can also be stored in Warded Jars.

Warded jars can be placed in world and is able to store essentia virtually indefinitely. The enchantments placed on the jars also make adding or extracting essentia a breeze. 

Jars placed under the spout of an alembic will be automatically filled. They can also be filled and emptied using phials.

What is more, they make an excellent storage medium for jams and preserves.

Shift-clicking on jars and alembics with an empty hand will empty them."

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