The Eldritch Revelation is a strange research which unlocks a page in the Thauminomicon's Eldritch Tab that consists of strange symbols and scrawls and a notably large 7.

It seems to serve no purpose other than to warn the player of what might come next, or to just be a research buffer so the player must unlock it before it reveals that the next research allows exploration of the Outer Lands. To get the research, the player must already have the Eldritch Epiphany, and must also have even more warp than was required for that. Temporary warp will work, but may need to be refreshed occasionally until the revelation comes.

The text on this page, when translated, reads:

Page 1:

how now brow ow. cthulu w s in the da ess and ian to give you g hug. its ok he wont bit

Page 2:

wibble woob lle woo the coer the f uizxe mo3we 13yhn0zqlp z ew42h .9mb 1479 24567

The font used to render these glyphs is called "Cthulu Runes" and is available here: