Like most Minecraft mods, and minecraft itself, Thaumcraft has a configuration file which can be used to adjust many features. This file is named "Thaumcraft.cfg", and is found in the "config" folder (directory) within your Minecraft directory or profile directory. This article will summarize the more important settings available as of Given that Thaumcraft's configuration is fairly simple, most settings will be referred to by name, with their section taken for granted.

Format Edit

The configuration file follows the usual format provided by Forge: Within the file, the settings are grouped into sections, which group related settings. Each setting begins with a letter and colon indicating what the "data type" of the setting is: Boolean settings can be "true" or "false", Integer settings can be any positive or negative number (no fractions), and String settings can be any text (including none at all). The format also allows for Double settings (numbers with fractions, such as "3.14"), but Thaumcraft happens not to use any of those. Lines starting with a hash sign (#) are comments, which provide explanations but do not actually affect any settings. Blank lines are ignored. For example:

# What Sort of person are we dealing with?
player_profile {
    #Are they one of *those* people?

    # Media Involvement

    # You are what you eat (comma-delimited)

    # Mutation Level

Commonly Changed Settings Edit

These are the settings which single-player gamers to want to change:

  • "generate_taint" can disable worldgen creation of tainted lands entirely.
  • "biome_taint_from_flux" controls whether flux goo or gas can create fibrous taint
  • "wuss_mode" disables warp effects entirely.
  • "research_difficulty" chooses whether all, some, or no research topics require solving the minigame, as opposed to being purchased outright. "Easy" mode (-1) avoids the minigame entirely, but this requires many more research points to progress. "Hard" mode allows saving points by using the minigame for all researches (notably the "Instrumentum Marathon" of wand and staff cores).
  • "allow_cheat_sheet" can enable creative-mode players to create a special Thaumonomicon which will automatically grant all research the first time it is used. (You also get the warp from all the forbidden knowledge!)
  • "color_blind" provides alternate coloring for people who are color-blind.

These settings can disable some graphical effects which may cause performance problems or conflicts with other mods (especially Optifine).

  • "glowing_taint" can disable the glowing nodules of fibrous taint.
  • "shaders" disables the use of several graphics shaders, especially for warp effects.
  • "golem_link_quality" affects or disables the glowing chain of symbols linking a golem to its marks, when a Golemancer's Bell is used.

These are more useful for the admins of a multiplayer server:

  • "allow_mirrors" can disable the use of Magical mirrors entirely
  • "allow_warded_stone" can disable the unbreakable blocks provided by Warded Arcana and the Warding Focus.
  • "portablehole_blacklist" can be used to prevent the Portable Hole focus from penetrating another mod's "impassible" blocks. Note that bedrock is automatically blacklisted.

Gameplay Settings Edit

These settings affect the behavior of things in the game. Altering them can make the game easier or harder, change game balance, or can affect performance.

  • The "monster_spawning" section has several boolean settings which can individually disable spawning for most of Thaumcrafts special mobs.
  • "biome_taint_spread" determines how quickly tainted areas can spread (or disables spread entirely).
  • The "world_generation" section controls the natural generation of various Thaumcraft features: Aside from taint (noted above), greatwood and silverwood trees can be disabled, as can nodes, amber ore, cinnabar, and shard ore.
  • "golem_delay" and "golem_ignore_delay" affect golem behavior. At least one other mod sets "golem_delay" to a high value of 60, which can effectively disable golems; the default is 5. "golem_ignore_delay" helps to limit golem obsession with items that they cannot actually place or use.
  • Node control:
    • "node_rarity" controls how common nodes in general are.
    • "special_node_rarity" controls how many nodes are "special" types (not counting the sinister nodes built into structures).
    • "hard_mode_nodes" enables (by default) or disables the dire effects of hungry, tainted, or sinister (formerly called "dark") nodes.
  • "aspect_total_cap" limits the accumulation of research points. Raising this can allow collecting more points.
  • the "runic_shielding" section affects how quickly runic shielding recovers from damage.

Visual Settings Edit

These settings affect the visual experience of the game.

  • "color_blind" (as noted above), provides alternate coloring for people who are color-blind.
  • "blue_magical_forest" makes the entire biome more bluish, as it was in older versions of the mod.
  • "crooked_labels" can straighten the tilted labels on warded jars.
  • "display_aspects" affects the display of item aspects in the inventory, specifically whether the shift key is used to show, or to hide, the values.
  • "wand_dial_bottom" can move the display of a wand's contents to the bottom of the display.
  • "golem_chest_interact" can disable or enable golems visibly and audibly opening chests when they use them.

Technical Values Edit

Some of the settings provide technical values, which may require adjustment for mod compatibility. Some of these also affect gameplay.

ID values include the biome IDs for the three magical biomes (tainted lands, eerie, and magical forest), the dimension ID for the Outer Lands, the enchantment IDs for the Repair and Haste enchantments, and the villager IDs for Banker and Thaumaturge villagers. None of these affect gameplay unless they conflict with another mod, in which case there will be dire effects.

Biome Weights control how commonly Magical Forests and Tainted Lands will appear in the landscape. These may require changes if other mods provide many more biomes, or otherwise affect biome generation.

Retrogeneration Edit

The "world_regeneration" section is special -- it allows adding Thaumcraft features to a world after its creation, usually as part of adding the mod to an existing world. This is a rather dangerous feature, so use it carefully.

  • Each time the "regen_key" value is changed, the regeneration code will run to add any selected features to existing chunks.
  • It doesn't matter what the value is changed to, only that it's different than it was before.
  • The ores will only replace smooth stone, so they will not appear in any hollowed-out areas.
  • Other features may show up in inconvenient places; probably the worst cases would be getting a Hungry or Tainted node (or a guardian-spawning obelisk) near your base.

Note that the other keys in this section must also be changed to choose what to add; you can select any or all of:

  • The three new ore types can be selected separately: Amber ore, Cinnabar, or Infused Stone.
  • Aura nodes. This will include occasional "special" nodes, some of which (Sinister, Tainted, Hungry) will further alter the landscape.
  • Thaumcraft's magical trees.
  • Thaumcraft's special structures.