The compound recharge focus is a seemingly gold object, with a flat plate of gold and 4 small rods sticking up from the sides. It can hold any wand placed in it and it will appear in a vertical position, floating up and down like a normal item. It can be placed by right clicking the focus with the wand and can be taken off by right clicking again with an empty hand. (Note that "wand" includes staffs and sceptres too.) It will not do anything unless placed on a wand recharge pedestal. When placed on its appropriate partner block, the wands placed within will be able to recharge with compound vis. Unfortunately any compound vis it receives will be broken down into one primal vis. All of the excess vis will be lost.

Crafting: Edit

Infusion Altar:

Middle Item: Redstone Comparator.

Outside Items:

4x Vis Filter.

4x Terra Shard.


10x Ordo.

10x Permutatio.

10x Praecantatio.