There are two sorts of champions.

Ordinary mob champions are mobs who look normal (except for the particles they give off) but are significantly more powerful than normal mobs. Each has a special ability or attribute hinted by their name, such as more speed, health or damage, better protection, or inflicting a status effect on their hits. They will drop a special Treasure Bag in addition to their usual drops. Champions spawn rarely and erratically. They may spawn more often in magical biomes or near bad nodes.

The Eldritch Champions are boss mobs to begin with, appearing only in the Outer Lands dungeons. And then, they have their random special ability....

Ordinary Champions: Edit

Ordinary champions are mobs which occur normally but have a special attribute. They will have no boss health bar but if the player hovers over them in close proximity with their mouse a name tag describing them and their special ability will appear above their head as if they are a named mob. The most common place to find such mobs are in the outer lands, with almost a fifth of the mobs encountered being champions.

Ordinary champions drop treasure bags, and they are very rewarding to kill due to the difficulty they may present.

Eldritch Champions Edit

If an Eldritch Champion takes an amount of damage higher than approximately 10 or 20 hearts, they will become "enraged by your powerful blows" and will never take more damage than a certain limit from that point on. An enraged champion will have large tendrils of electricity coming from the ground attaching themselves to them. Once a champion becomes enraged, they cannot take damage for almost fifteen seconds.

Enraged champions will move at such a speed that they will move from side to side of a room, flicking between the two walls so fast that they cannot attack the player. They will keep doing this until they are killed. This has been confirmed by Azanor as deliberate.

Amazingly, the room the fight against the champions occurs in is large enough that no matter which one it is the player can stand inside the corridor they came from or in one of the corners of the room and kill them using a bow without the guardian ever moving or trying to attack the player.

All champions will attack anything that attacks them.

Crimson Praetor: Has a voidmetal sword and drops crimson praetor armor all of which combined provides the protection of slightly more than an iron armor suit because he does not drop boots. He can also drop the rites book, voidmetal seeds and more. He is part of the Crimson Cult. They will have a randomised name such as "Praetor Arcanae Altrasis the Vampiric".

The crimson praetor will fire homing balls of red energy similar to the abilities of the crimson cleric. The red energy spheres deal about 6 hearts of damage to a foe with no armour. The crimson praetor is garbed in large bulky armour and seems to have a cape and a huge voidmetal sword. It deals about 5 hearts of damage with its sword, but attacks very rapidly and travels as fast as the player can sprint, making it impossible to escape without speed enhancing items or advantageous terrain.

The crimson praetor has 125 hearts of health and a sizeable amount of armour and it has a slow regeneration effect.

When killed, the crimson praetor will not drop a primordial pearl and will rarely drop a treasure bag better than one uncommon treasure bag.

The Crimson Praetor is only generated from a Crimson Portal and never spawns on its own.

Eldritch Construct: This appears as a huge iron golem with a large cape. It does massive melee damage and has two lives, the second of which is when his head turns into an eldritch eye. In its second "life" it will fire streams of 8 to 10 blue electric energy balls that will home in on the player and will explode upon impact. It takes no damage and is not affected in any way by most wand foci. In its second "life", mysteriously crimson cult members will attempt to attack it even if it doesn't retaliate for a very long time. If it is finally hit by a crimson cult member, it will attack the said crimson cultist. The Eldritch Construct has 250 health and when it heals after being defeated in its first form it will regenerate back to 225 half-hearts of health. The Eldritch Construct also has a very slow regeneration.

Giant Taintacle: This one is just a giant taintacle which all other champions are automatically aggressive towards. Strangely, it is aggressive to everything including other tainted mobs. The giant taintacle has 77.5 hearts of health.

Eldritch Warden / Master Eldritch Guardian: This one has no real in game name because it is named : "% the %". However, when spawned it will rise out of the ground with a sphere of dark orbs around it and will have a randomised name such as: "Retr-Klies the Undying". It is about four blocks tall, has red eyes and can fire electricity and it always spawns with a powerful runic shield.

Wherever it walks it will leave electricity in the ground that will make the player slower and will inflict the weakness II effect. It will also fire large black balls that will inflict temporary warp and has a large area of effect. When its shield drops, it will fire electricity in all directions that will electrify the ground and deal massive damage. It will do this for almost ten seconds before reverting back to its normal attack pattern.

The boss will fire powerful fast-moving balls of dark energy that inflict warp and wither and will cause an area of effect damage, meaning that on hard difficulty, even with a full set of voidmetal robes all enchanted with protection 3, it will still deal 8.5 hearts of damage, effectively ensuring death from the wither effect. Luckily, if the boots of the traveller are worn it is very easy to dodge the said balls. The guardian can also melee mobs, causing about 4 hearts of damage without armour. With protection under the level of leather armour, instant death from the black projectiles is ensured.

The Eldritch Warden has 200 health.

Crimson Portal: While it is not technically a champion as it has no special attributes and cannot be enraged, it does spawn in much the same manner as the other champions. Click here for further information.

The crimson portal has 500 health.

The crimson portal drops a primordial pearl upon death but not any treasure, as the Crimson Praetors it spawns drop rare treasures.

Known Attributes Edit

Note that effect-inflicting attributes only have a chance of inflicting their respective status.

Vampiric: Drain health from enemy.

Venomous: Inflicts poison.

Undying: Powerful Regeneration.

Warped: Inflicts Warp

Tainted: Inflicts flux flu

Infested: Spawns taint-crawlers when hit. A powerful way to counteract this is to use the chain-lightning or flame wand focus.

Warded: Has a massive runic shield.

Mighty: Does a massive amount of damage.

Sickly: Inflicts the hunger effect and emits green particles.

Grim: Inflicts the wither effect.

Spined: If anything attacks it, a portion of the damage will be reflected back at the attacker.

Fiery: Sets enemies on fire and emits orange fiery particles.

Armored: Has strong armour.

Bold: Is much faster and attacks faster than normal and leaves a very, very short lived harmless electric field behind them.