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Entropy Shard



The Bow of Bone can be crafted on the Arcane Workbench.  The crafting pattern resembles the normal bows, but with bones instead of sticks, and an Entropy Shard in the center square.  It requires 16 Aer and 32 Perditio vis.  It can be researched much earlier than the other elemental tools, as soon as the player has scanned a bone.


It fires much faster than the normal bow, and the shot is automatically fired at full draw.  In fact, if the right-click (or other "use" key) is held, it repeat-fires a stream of arrows.  Furthermore, its shots actually fly faster than the vanilla bow's, giving greater range and requiring less "arching" to hit distant targets.   They also do slightly more damage.

Combining Repair and Infinity makes this bow extremely powerful, especially with the bug described below.


  • Up through 4.1, the bow caused a serious graphical glitch in multiplayer:  Holding the bone bow would cause all nearby players to suffer a rendering glitch making where blocks and entities would appear where they are not more-or-less "orbiting" the bow-holder.  Naturally, this interfered with their usual activities.
  • When enchanted with Infinity, the bow does not actually require an arrow to be kept in inventory.  It will create and fire arrows even with no arrows in the inventory (as of

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