"Why would you want this?"

--- Thaumonomicon Entry

Research for Bottled Taint

Research by TehReaper. Thaumcraft

This research is forbidden knowledge (minor). These nasty little vials allow you to create taint patches anywhere you like, by using (right-clicking) them on the ground. Aside from simply creating Tainted ground for flux farms and the like, the Tainted land can be used to convert a Hungry node into a marginally-less-dangerous Tainted node.  After creating Bottled Taint for the first time, the player that made it will gain Warp.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

Cleaning Taint is one thing, but ever considered spreading it?

By concentrating and collecting the essence of taint into a bottle it is simply a matter of dropping it somewhere to create a patch of Taint. It is up to you to decide why you would want to do this.

Crafting: Edit


Chuck a phial of Vitium into a crucible containing 8x Vitium and 8x Praecantatio.