Automated Alchemy Edit

Automated alch


This is a research in the Thaumonomicon which allows you to build a multiblock construct known as the Thaumatorium.

Creation Edit

Make the Thaumatorium by stacking 2 alchemical construct blocks on top of a crucible, and right click with a suitably-filled wand. At the cost of 30 ordo, 30 aqua and 15 ignis, the multiblock structure will form. The Thaumatorium does not require water like a normal crucible, but it still needs a heat source beneath it. (By now you should certainly have Nitor.)

Usage Edit

Right clicking the Thaumatorium body will open a menu. The top left slot is where you place the "catalyst" (that is the object which would finish a crucible recipe), for example coal for Alumentum. Once this is done, the first available recipe for that catalyst will appear in the top-right slot, and if there is more than one recipe, you can scroll between them. A golem can also fill the catalyst slot, for large-scale production.

In the bottom slot of the GUI, the essentia needed for the recipe is displayed (in order of use). It will also display the progress of the recipe while it is being crafted. To give the machine essentia, hook up some essentia tubes and attach jars or reservoirs with your essentia. The created objects are ejected out of the front (placing a hungry chest there is helpful).

The machine can only craft one recipe at a time, but adding a mnemonic matrix on the side lets it remember more recipes (two more per matrix), and it will automatically choose depending on what items are put in the catalyst slot. Note that each matrix occupies one of the six pipe fittings: This is a particular problem for making balanced shards, for which each of the six recipes requires five types of essentia. An important point: Recipes stay selected (blue circle) until explicitly un-selected, and that can keep you from choosing another recipe. If you can't select your chosen recipe, try using the scrollbars to find a previously selected recipe and un-select it.

Compared to the crucible, the Thaumatorium has one disadvantage: It can use only refined essentia, not the items containing them. However, it offers many advantages:

  • Most obviously, it can produce large quantities, to be automatically collected by the hungry chest at the output.
  • It avoids all conflict between recipes.
  • It produces no flux.
  • It requires no refilling with water.
  • No phials need to be sacrificed.
  • It uses the minimum amount of essentia, without decay or waste.
    • Exception: If it runs out of essentia rather than catalyst, it can hold a few points from a partial recipe, and these can be lost if you switch to a different recipe. Avoid this by emptying the input slot before switching recipes, then it will send the essentia back to the jars.

Mnemonic Matrix Crafting: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Iron ingots in the corners.

Amber in a diamond shape.

A zombie brain in the middle.

Essentias: 5x Aqua.

5x Ignis.

5x Ordo.

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