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Thauncraft 4.2

Aspects are the basics for all of Thaumcraft 4's resources. Essentia and Vis are both different forms of Aspects. They can be used for researching new Thaumonomicon entries, create magical constructs or to change certain items.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Every item, object, or creature is bound by varying mystical elements known as aspects. Aspects describe the objects makeup and bent toward the magical elements. Aspects describe the object's makeup and bent towards the magical elements. A simple stone may possess the aspect of Terra while more complex items like trees or even creatures can be made up of various different aspects in varying amounts. There are close to 50 known aspects with more being discovered all the time."

Click here to see how to access all Aspects via scanning.

"There are two main types of aspects: Primal and Compound."

"Primal Aspects are the most basic types of aspects and there are only six of them: Aer (air), Terra (earth), Ignis (fire), Aqua (water), Ordo (order), and Perditio (entropy)."

"These form the basic building blocks of all other aspects."

"Compound Aspects are built from two other aspects. The simplest compound aspects are made from two primal aspect, but it is possible to have incredibly complex compound aspects made from successive layers of simpler aspects."

"The simplest example of such a compound aspect, is the aspect of Victus (life) that is the combination of Terra and Aqua."

"To view what aspect an item possesses, simply hover your cursor over the item and press sneak (shift), and you will see what aspects that item has and what amounts of each. You will first need to study the item however, until then the aspects will remain unknown."

"Aspects that have somehow been separated from their object and purified is known as Vis and is very valuable: both as a crafting ingredient and as a subject for magical research."

"Vis is most often bound into wands, but it is also possible to store it as a magical liquid. Vis stored as a liquid known as Essentia."

Thaumcraft 4 AspectsEdit

Note: The list contains Aspects and combinations present in Thaumcraft 4.2 as well as previous versions that were changed; those will be tagged as "Legacy" and persented as italic grey text. Aspects added by add-on mods are listed in a separate section.

This is a list of Thaumcraft 4 aspects.

Primal Aspects are the easiest to find; most Aura Nodes contain one or more Primal Aspect. Basic blocks like Dirt, Stone or Water consist of these Aspects while several other blocks and items include some too. They can be scanned with a Thaumometer from the start.

Compound Aspects are built from two other Aspects. They can be arranged in Tiers according to their components by this formula: Tier X Compound Aspect contains one Tier (X-1) Aspect and one Tier (Y) Aspect where Y<X (0 would mean Primal Aspects). Example: Auram (Tier 3 => X=3) builds from Praecantatio (Tier 2 => X-1=2) and Aer (Primal Aspect => Y=0; X>Y). This also applies to scanning and Research; scanning objects containing Auram is therefore impossible without discovering Praecantatio first. Aer, on the other hand, wouldn't be a problem as it is a Primal Aspect and therefore it is always known to the player.

The way to build compound aspects manually uses the Research Table. In the table's interface, you can click on two aspects to make them appear in the runes below. The button in the middle will fuse the aspects together, but if they will not make a compound, you will have wasted your aspects.

Aspect's Scheme: (For version [Exubitor is from add-on mod - Thaumic Warden])


Tier 2 AspectsEdit

  • Vitreus (Crystal, Glass, Clear) = Terra + Ordo
  • Motus (Motion) = Aer + Ordo
  • Vacuos (Void) = Aer + Perditio
  • Fames (Hunger) = Victus + Vacuos
  • Granum (Seed, Young) = Removed - (Victus + Ordo)
    • Legacy Recipe: Ordo + Victus
  • Herba (Plant) = Victus + Terra
    • Legacy Recipe = Terra + Granum
  • Iter (Travel, Journey) = Motus + Terra
  • Limus (Slime, Sticky) = Victus + Aqua
  • Metallum (Metal) = Terra + Vitreus
    • Legacy Recipe = Ordo + Saxum
  • Mortuus (Death) = Victus + Perditio
  • Praecantatio (Magic) = Vacuos + Potentia
  • Sano (Heal, Cure) = Victus + Ordo
    • Legacy Recipe = Victus + Victus
  • Tenebrae (Darkness) = Vacuos + Lux
  • Vacuos (Void) = Aer + Perditio
  • Vinculum (Trap, Imprison) = Motus + Perditio
  • Volatus (Flight) = Aer + Motus
  • Victus (Life) = Terra + Aqua

Tier 3 AspectsEdit

  • Alienis (Alien, Strange, The Eldritch) = Vacuos + Tenebrae
  • Bestia (Beast) = Motus + Victus
  • Arbor (Tree, Wood) = Aer + Herba
  • Auram (Aura) = Praecantatio + Aer
  • Corpus (Flesh) = Mortuus + Bestia
  • Exanimis (Undead) = Motus + Mortuus
  • Spiritus (Soul) = Victus + Mortuus
  • Vitium (Taint) = Praecantatio + Perditio

Tier 4 AspectsEdit

  • Cognitio (Mind, Memory, Cognition) = Ignis + Spiritus (1/11/15 Terra + Spiritus still works. 2/3/15 Ignis no longer works) that sucks
  • Sensus (Senses) = Aer + Spiritus

Tier 5 AspectsEdit

  • Humanus (Man) = Cognitio + Bestia

Tier 6 AspectsEdit

  • Instrumentum (Tool, Instrument) = Humanus + Ordo
  • Lucrum (Greed, Avarice) = Humanus + Fames
  • Messis (Crop) = Herba + Humanus
  • Perfodio (Mine) = Humanus + Terra
    • Legacy Recipe = Humanus + Saxum

Tier 7 AspectsEdit

  • Fabrico (Craft) = Humanus + Instrumentum
  • Machina (Mechanism, Machine) = Motus + Instrumentum
  • Meto (Harvest) = Messis + Instrumentum
    • Legacy Recipe = Messis + Humanus
  • Pannus (Cloth, Material, Covering) = Instrumentum + Bestia
  • Telum (Weapon, Attack, Harm) = Instrumentum + Perditio (as of 2/4/15 Perditio was changed to Ignis)
  • Tutamen (Armor, Protection) = Instrumentum + Terra

Aspects added by other modsEdit

The add-on mods listed here may or may not work with the latest stable release of Thaumcraft.

Thaumic WardenEdit

  • Exubitor (Warden, Vigilance, Victory, Sacrifice) = Alienis + Mortuus (tier 4)

Forbidden MagicEdit

  • Superbia (Pride) = Volatus + Vacuos (tier 3)
  • Luxuria (Lust) = Corpus + Fames (tier 4)
  • Desidia (Sloth) = Vinculum + Spiritus (tier 4)
  • Invidia (Envy) = Sensus + Fames (tier 5)
  • Gula (Gluttony) = Fames + Fames (tier 3)
  • Ira (Wrath) = Ignis + Telum (tier 8)
  • Infernus (The Nether) = Ignis + Praecantatio (tier 3)

The Elysium Edit

Sanctus (Holy) = Spiritus + Auram

Gregtech Edit

  • Radio (Radiation) = Potentia + Lux (found in aura node, maybe in Uranium)
  • Nebrisum (Cheatyness, Raiding) = Lucrum + Perfodio (found in platinum ingot)
  • Strontio (Stupidity, Incompetence) = Perditio + Cognitio (found in aura node)
  • Electrum (Electricity, Lightning) = Potentia + Machina (found in different types of machines and wires)
  • Magneto (Magnetism, Attraction) = Metallum + Iter (found in magnetite ore)

Magic Bees Edit

Tempus (Time) = Vacuos + Ordo

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