Alchemical duplication is a process that allows you to duplicate some of your items using a crucible.

Duplicatable items:

Gunpowder x2.

How to Craft:

Chuck 1 gunpowder into a crucible with 4x ignis essentia and 4x perditio.

Slime Ball x2:

How to Craft:

Chuck a slime ball into a crucible with 2x victus and 2x aqua.

Clay x2:

How to Craft:

Chuck 1 clay (item) into a crucible with 1x aqua and 2x terra.

Glowstone Dust x2:

How to Craft:

Chuck 1 glowstone dust into a crucible containing 3x lux and 1x sensus.

Ink Sac x2:

Chuck 1 inc sac into a crucible containing 2x aqua and 2x sensus.

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