Advanced essentia tubes add 3 different types of tubes. The base mechanics are explained in the page Essentia Tubes.

1: Filtered essentia tube. This will accept a label and will then only accept essentia which corresponds with the label.

2: Restricted essentia tube: This one halves the suction passing through it.

3: Directional essentia tube: This one lets essentia flow only one direction. A group of tiny blue runes shows which direction.

Crafting: Edit

Filtered Essentia Tube:

Arcane Crafting Table:

Essentia tube with a flux filter on the right side.


15x Ordo, 5x Aqua.

Restricted Essentia Tube:

Arcane Crafting Table:

An essentia tube with one stone block on the right side.


16x Terra, 5x Aqua.

Directional Essentia Tube:

Arcane Crafting Table

Essentia tube with 1 lapis lazuli on the right.


8x Ordo, 8x Perditio, 5x Aqua.

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